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If she can improve how to speak in term of intonation i'm sure she would be the actress to watch for because her emotion is DAEBAK applaus for Woo bin he did an AMAZING work! I suggest to watch it till the end, who knows miracle might occur......some times No eul character irritates me, what's she doing can't she see what he turn down just for her by the way welcome back LJE I suggest to watch it till the end, who knows miracle might occur......some times No eul character irritates me, what's she doing can't she see what he turn down just for her by the way welcome back LJE Love this drama so much. Now any conversation talking about the documentary or where Kim Woo Bin is a rich actor, that's the present. I don't care about the rating, i know, UF already stole people's heart with just the plot. I love Kim Woo Bin and Bae Suzy individually and they have great chemistry together.

Do not watch this if you have enough problems because it will make you more depressed. How can it be like that, everything that happened is so negative. I watch k dramas to get rid of stress so I hope no more of this kind. accept it people, not everyone in this world would get the happyily ever after ending. but i dont care if he die because that would make this drama be more beautiful. Although the dramas slow, I reallyyy enjoy watching every small moment in this drama. But it's getting more boring with the next episode. regarding kim woo bin acting, i admit there are times that he fails to portray correct expressions but it does not bother me at all because he redeemed himself in other scenes. and for me i am happy to watch this and i am always excited to wait for it. if you can let go of your biased, prejudice, hatred and insecurities, i can guarantee that you would too be able to enjoy this drama. you're doing good and love you as a couple for this drama.Oh My God My tears was flowing so hard for the last 2 eps. im happy to watch shin joon yeol journey and i am always prepare my heart for the worse. It's just satisfying, especially since its not moving too fast and is mainly focusing on how the characters develop emotions for each other its GREAT! this drama make us think more about the flashback and present. it means this drama has an creativity about the story. : D I don't understand how people get confused about the flashbacks.yups the story might be overused in other drama but still this drama is well written and the actors did AMAZING work i guess. yes, it is quite heartwrenching watching him in each episode but that what attracted me to watch this drama. It's worth to watch not just because of the characters but with the plot its self. :) I don't understand people from korea, i think this drama is better than descendents of the sun and the ratings are not good... i've watched until episode 4 and i love this drama. If you listen to the dialogue and watch what's happening in the story, then you can understand which is which.But she's having you raise her brother after loosing their. This drama makes me cry so damn good and heartbreaking but i love it. Anyone reading my comment, watch this drama, you will love it I assure you! Maybe it was the expectation of one year waiting for Suzy and Kim Woo Bin, or that it was airing in Summer (at least I think so). I really want to see the character of kim woo bin happily lived and have a miraculous ending in this melodrama. Disappointed but I've realized that in reality there's no possible to live of that kind of illness. I'm not a fan of all the artists involved but the characters they play in the drama works for me.As always because of the lowly status hard times father borrowed from loan sharks. I only wish there were more happy moments between Joon Young and No Eul because the totally deserve it. Uncontrollably Fond is one of the most heartbreaking KDRAMA I ever watched. It should have been aired some time in Jan/Feb/Mar. Maybe I just expected a happy ending of the two character joon young and noh eul. Still probably one of the best endings/final episodes of any drama this year...still have it 'protected' in my DVR. why there should be a drama full of such agony and pain?! we try to escape our fears and problems and try to take a break..for few hours... I just finished watching Episode 5, and it is the best episode yet! I'm not one in for comments or reviews, but if you are considering to watch uncontrollably fond, it's the best drama so watch it. For me, Suzy’s acting was alright, she improved in “While You Were Sleeping” and I’m glad Kim Woo Bin is better because I miss him so much! The one who needs to go or the one who needa to stay? I would cringe in every scene that she made a scene or stalked his house.

She values money over justice and kisses up to those with more power than her. I’ve watched this a loong time ago (when it came out) but I’m barely writing a review now lol. Ok so as a person who has watched many kdramas I am going to say this; Suzzy sucked. Her chemistry with Kim woo bin was awkward and somewhat miserable.

You do not use your parent's position to scare off people who offend you, especially not if said parent is connected with the justice system. Kim Woo Bin and Bae Suzy and Lim Ju Hwan are the great actors. :) Uncontrollably Fond was one of my most favorite kdrama I watched so far. I thank the Director, the actors, the actresses and all the production crew in helping to film this amazing drama. an ending which if it happens in real life, we don't know if we could be that strong. I don't know, maybe you're so much expert to be in her role rather than her✌ anyway, this drama has ended and I just hope to watch more K-dramas as I'm an enthusiast fan from Malaysia Such a heart-rending drama! I died while watching the last ep, especially the scene of Joon Young and his mum. Uncontrollably fond is highly recommended to those that have yet to watch!! Shin Joon Young had no regrets, Noh Eul found her resolve. It's about how you make us fans feel after watched the drama is the most important thing! UF gave us the warm're going to fall in love..eventhough you're having problems...still have some hopes to going through everything... how you make us fans feels is the best awards this drama ever have. I've got a super emo heart so I don't normally cry but damn..drama hits the mark. I really hope the 2 leads in this pair up again in a story worth their talents. Remind me when they was teacher and student in Gu family book. Joon young character very interesting, he's strong and determined. ❤ i don't know about those complaining this drama... Ive watch many other actor/actress who are way bad in acting,but i wont simply point at it and talk bad in media We will still love you suzy . I really dont understand why people hate this drama. I hate watching a show and feeling like I am the ONLY one who can't seem to like it. it already made me cry ~ i'll keep on waiting for the next ep !

I wish she had lost all her money and had to taste some reality to know how it feels to have to struggle like Eul had to do. The story line was daebak, every episode was full of thrill. All of the actors really brought their characters so damn well, especially Kim Woo Bin.. seriously, a big applause to all of them who were involved in UF. So here I don't really understand why some people criticized Suzy's poor acting. It's a kind of deep drama that not many ppl would understand... The storyline and events were of course cheesy and undeniably unrealistic but it was impossiblet to get through the last episode without crying. Remember we all get to freely express our opinions here without fear. To me this drama is so good makes my heart flutter everytime ... I've watch so so many Kdramas but this is the first time I'm replaying each ep 2-4 times, kiling time .....waiting for new Ep. People have the rights to hate or love a show so they feel like other people can connect with them. If there were movies and dramas made out of purely bad actors would you watch the whole things? waaaaaah such a great drama daebakk This drama so many secret but i believe this drama will amazing.

Even though the father was unaware of having a son. This drama could have been a 10 but she dragged it down to a 5. And i was expecting the two of them yesterday at the bks drama awards 2016 but so disappointed that they weren't invoted. However, it got to be very repetitious after a while.

Because the son took a different avenue mom disowned & became so cruel toward him. Im not a hater because I had alot of hope for her and the main lead at the begining which brought a huge disappointment. So I just recommend you guys to sit down with your best friend, take a blanket, brew a tea, prepare tissues (for tears), relax and watch the drama. Initially I started this drama because of the Kim woo bin and the buzz in social media before the drama aired... I do get tired of the selfless love thing...loves her so much but he spends no time with her, and actually the kiss that he has with the (hit and run girl) has way more fire to it. I loved the sound score, and there was a scene between the son and mother, in the last episode I think, that was amazingly real and heart wrenching to watch. There was some great acting by some of the supporting cast. I have watched all the episodes and really liked it. I will rate this series as one of the best korean darma I watched of 2016.

Honestly I tend to be bored at the middle episode when watched drama but this drama make me hook, not a single scene make me bored! i want to see his life, i wnat to suffer with him and i want to cry with him. for those bashing suzy, i dont find suzy's acting bad at all. brown coat Kim Woo Bin is the flashback and black coat Kim Woo Bin is the present.