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Once you finish the exciting hunt, stop in the White River Gardens Gift Shop to receive a special gift!To remember your special day, there will be tasty treats and a Mother's Day photo opportunity located along the main pathway. Don't forget to check out the Nursing Mom's Nest presented by Riley Children's at Indiana University Health while you're here.

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Or that the whole group, or pod, of dolphins help to raise young dolphins?They have issues, postpartum depression or struggles with just raising a family, and family and children services is there to just help. We provide services so you can come as you are and leave as you'd like to be," said Andrea Plouff, with family and children's services. Join us as w​e put the spotlight on all mothers — both human and animal — during a weekend full of family fun.The fun is just beginning as the whole family participates in the Zoo-wide scavenger hunt.Follow the clues to discover several Zoo mothers and interesting animal facts along the way.We also have webcams in our African painted dog habitat and den.

The Endangered Wolf Center welcomed a new pack of five African painted dogs on May 24, 2016: Selous (dad) and Destiny (mom) and their three 2-year-old pups Shaba, Akili and Mikumi.

Since 2012, “virtual visitors” have been able to observe some of the animals here doing what they do when no one is watching.

Naturally shy around humans, wolves are more anxious and guarded when they know people are watching them.

Layton also was ordered to pay $5,170 in restitution.

Natrona County District Court records filed in late December say she violated the terms of her probation by not keeping in touch with her probation officer and by not making regular and consistent restitution payments.

In April 2015, Layton was given first time offender status, along with one to five years of probation after she entered an Alford plea to one charge of obtaining goods by false pretenses.