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If you haven't received an email, check your spam/junk folder. The last year's just been pretty rough, schedule changes and personal matters have had their toll on us and the amount of energy and time we had left over for scanlators-to-fans communication was subsequently pretty limited.

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Use it or lose it Keeping yourself motivated is in my opinion the hardest task when it comes to learning a language, even more so for a difficult language like Japanese (for native English speakers at least).We're also brain-storming a few additional perks.One of them, my favorite, is to put together a "translator magazine" of sorts, with articles and opinion pieces by our staff, elaborate translation notes, reviews, that sort of thing, maybe even with some public participation and a Q&A corner - that sound like something you'd be interested in?You will like certain parts of the language learning process, but you might absolutely despise some of it as well.To make sure that you'll still be on this journey a year from now we will need some planning.Some examples of this would be: Extrinsically driven motivation doesn't always last very long, and it can be hard to then motivate yourself to keep going. There's also not always a very clear distinction between the two.

Sometimes people just aren't driven internally (yet) and need a little push to get started.

There are two different kinds of motivation I will talk about: the intrinsically and the extrinsically driven.

Intrinsic motivation This is the kind of motivation that comes from within. Some examples of this would be: These are things you wouldn't procrastinate on, you'd do them without a second thought because you enjoy it, find it interesting, challenging, thrilling, etc...

Many of you are most likely not sure how to embark on this enormous task.

One common mistake is not setting any short, mid, and long term goals.

It's not that you can't you have time for it if this is truly important to you.