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Besides the footage quality, you immediately feel involved in the movie's action and suspense by the way the several camera angles are shot and each image is carefully chosen.Adding the great and creeping soundtrack you have a great combination for a horrifying atmosphere.

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Otherwise the movie is slow, way too long and mixing loads of element in a fashion that to me made absolutely no sense in the end.I mean, the woman in a white gown looking down with her big black hair over her face is getting a little bit too annoying.This Portal is all about Bypassing Internet Censorship.The detectives assigned the case are Min, newly reinstated after a ...See full summary » After finding that her husband is unfaithful and cheats her with a lover, Sun-jae moves to a decadent cheap apartment at Goksung Station with her daughter Han Tae-soo.While training after hours in her high-school, the aspiring singer Park Young-Eon is mysteriously killed and her body vanishes.

Her ghost is invisible and trapped in the school, but her ...

Basically the movie continues with a woman and her daughter Tae-Soo (I will never forget that name because her mother screams and cries her name like a million times throughout this movie which gets really annoying after a while) who separate from their father who has an affair.

They move into a new apartment to live on their own, the woman finds the pink shoes on a subway ride and things start to get strange including many flashbacks melting the plot together with the opening.

From here on its all about her and her daughter, both beginning to be obsessed with the shoes, an architect who builds her new bureau and gets into her life and the resulting love story.

People die, flashbacks show to a back story about a murder involving the shoes and vengeful ghosts.

While traveling home in the subway, Sun-jae finds a pair of red shoes and brings them home.